The World Empire Story

World Empire V v5.0 is the latest version in the World Empire series, going strong since the release of the original MS-DOS version in 1991. World Empire is similar to strategy board games like RISK(TM) - but better! You begin the game with 56 Armies (actually divisions) in normal mode or 30 Armies in expert mode, all placed in a randomly selected country.

Because each player is given countries that strongly support his/her "ideology", strategy will likely be heavily influenced by this initial positioning. A player must also must occupy each unfriendly country that is conquered with a sufficient amount of armies or there could be a revolution!

Play on your own computer or with other players over the Internet... Even pit human opponents or against the evil computer general 'Chip' Silicon (Trial version). The Deluxe version allows play with up to 7 computer opponents.






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