World Empire Player Reviews!

A sampling from the hundreds of letters
we've received from our players over the years:

"This game has me coming back after school all hyped up to conquer the world! Thank you and keep the innovation and good work going!"
--- Cadet George T. Nelson Jr., USAF Academy

"Your game is the coolest! Usually I try a game 3 to 5 times, find it boring as heck and delete it. I'm addicted to World Empire..."
--- Doug Rice

"I love the game... I'm addicted!"
--- Ginny Peterson

"I love WORLD EMPIRE! It reminds me of the old board game RISK, only yours is better. RISK didn't have the countries divided proplerly... Thank you!
--- Ed Mullins

"Hail! A fantastic program... One week I've had it and already I've conquered the world 5 times... bring on the Sinister Seven!
--- Charlie Potter

"I have the game RISK, yes there are several similarities, however your product blows the pants off 'em.... I congratulate you on an awesome program."
--- Lance L. Lukesh

"The game is fantastic! Here's hoping you'll keep writing programs..."
--- James K. Taylor

"I've thoroughly enjoyed the strategies and the variety the game offers!"
--- Terry Christian



WEIV Player Reviews

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