Host Access Control and Game Rankings

Access Control:

Your job as Host is made easier by the Host Access Control Panel, which lets you control who connects to your game, and allows you to disconnect unwanted players. The Host Access Control Panel is shown below:

To prevent a player from connecting, you can enter his/her IP address or user name in the upper 'Access Control' box, then click the 'Add' button. Your game will refuse all connection attempts from players listed there.

Players who are currently connected to your game are listed in the 'Current Player Names:' box. You can add them to the 'Access Control' box by highlighting the player's name, then clicking the 'Add Player' button next to this box. You can also disconnect any player by highlighting his/her name and clicking the 'Bump Player' button.

Of course, use these controls fairly - usually you'll want to ban only very obnoxious players or those who try to cheat!

New Connections:

At some point all the human players who will be playing in this game may have connected. You can use the 'Deny New Connections' setting to keep other players from entering a game and taking over for a computer player. Players who try to connect when the 'Deny New Connections' setting is on receive a message that the game they're trying to connect to is full.

Submitting Game Results for Emporial Rankings:

As game Host, it is your responsibility to check the 'Player Rankings' box if the game you have set up is a Match Game to be ranked.

Ranking information is added up on your Host game. When a player Surrenders or is defeated, your game sends the ranking information for the game to the player. The player's copy of WEIV then 'wraps' the information in that player's username and password, and sends it to the CyberWar Club Name Server for the purpose of ranking the player.

If the 'Player Rankings' box is not checked the player's results will not be submitted to the club server for ranking.






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