Setting Up For Internet Play

If you plan to use this Web site for connecting to other players, you can skip this section...


For players to connect to one another, WEIV uses a 'name server' to remember a player's last Internet address, then make it available to others. This server is The World Empire CyberWar Club Server.

CyberWar Club Servers are managed by CyberWar Club Managers who have their own domain name or a static Internet address (one that never changes). Each CyberWar Club Server maintains Rankings for that club, and each club has its own Headquarters.

At the top of the list you'll see the World Empire HOME Club, this club. The domain name for this club is '' (or '').

To change the Club Server you use, select 'CyberWar Setup' from your game's Internet Menu. The following window will appear:

Enter the club domain name in the box for 'Club Server Domain Name'. If the Club's server uses a different port than 77, enter that too.

Note that the domain name default's to '', the Club Server here at this Web site. Don't delete it from the list, you can always come here to play or to look for other players.

Once you have changed the Club Server Domain Name, your next connection will use that club's server for connecting you with other players.






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