The WEIV Hot Line and
WWW Button
(Available after you connect)

Once you are connected in CyberWar Mode, there are two additional controls (besides the Connection Buttons): The "Hot Line" Button and the "WWW" Button:


The Hot Line

When you are connected, the Hot Line Button displays WEIV's built in network text chat window, where players can chat live to one another as the game progresses. To send a message just type text in the lower text box and click on the "Send" Button or hit ENTER. Connected players are listed in a box at the bottom of this window:

  • To send a private message to a player, highlight his or her name in the box before clicking on "Send". The message will only be sent to that player.

  • To resume sending messages to everyone, highlight "--ALL--" in the player list box.

  • To get a player's attention you can double-click on their name in the player list box. This will cause a tone to be sounded on their machine.


The WWW Button

The WWW Button will open up your browser starting at the WEIV Web site.






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