Connecting To A CyberWar Host

Remember, you MUST be connected to the Internet or a network when you use the CyberWar Mode. After connecting to the network and starting the game, set your WEIV up to connect to a CyberWar Host by following these instructions:

  1. When the World Map Window appears, click on the CyberWar Button.

  2. Two buttons and a text window will appear at the bottom of the World Map Window.

  3. Click on the Connect To Host Button.

  4. The "Connect To Game Host" Window appears.

  5. If you have arranged for a game with someone, enter their email address (Assuming they are acting as Game Host).

  6. If you haven't arranged for a game, click on the World Empire V Headquarters Button:

    ...and the Headquarters Line Window will appear:

    Players can locate and chat with Game Hosts while connected to Headquarters.

  7. Click on the name of the Host whose game you wish to join. With that Host's name highlighted, click on the Join Game Button.

  8. Your game will now attempt to contact the WEIV Host you selected and connect you to his/her game as a player. If the Host you are connecting to has already filled his or her game with players, you'll get a message in the status box informing you that you can't connect.

  9. If you are successfully connected, a window will appear welcoming you to the game and allowing you to select your ideology. Click on the Ideology you want to take over (already taken ones will be greyed out), then click on Continue...

    ...Then you'll see...

  10. When your connection is complete, the status line on your World Map Window will read "Waiting For Host...".

  11. You now just wait for the Host to start the game (the Host has to wait until all players are connected). When the game is started, the Host's turn will come first. Just wait for your turn and then conquer normally In the meantime you can use the Hot Line to chat with the host or other connected players.

VERY IMPORTANT: In CyberWar Mode, the game being played is saved automatically after each attack or transfer of armies - but only on the Host computer. If a player is disconnected for some reason he/she will need to reconnect to the Host as described above to continue game play.

Hail and Good Hunting!

See also Hosting A CyberWar Game.






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