Hosting A CyberWar Game

Remember, you MUST be connected to the Internet or a network when you use CyberWar Mode. After connecting to the network and starting the game, set your WEIV up to host a CyberWar Game by following these instructions:

  1. Click on the CyberWar Button.

  2. Two buttons and a text window will appear at the bottom of the World Map Window.

  3. Click on the Host A Game Button.

  4. The "Host A CyberWar" Window appears:

  5. Click on the New Game Button (or the Load A Game Button if you want to resume a game already started).

  6. Configure your new game as you would in Local Mode - except that you will be choosing the ideologies of the players who will connect to you.

  7. After configuring your new game, the save game window will appear. Give this game a name and click on Okay.

    Important: In CyberWar Mode, the game being played is saved automatically when the game is started and you name it - but only on the Host computer. During the game itself, it is saved automatically following each player's attack or transfer of armies. If a player is disconnected for some reason you will need to wait for him or her to reconnect before proceeding, or you can choose to continue the game with a computer player.

  8. Your game will automatically set up the WEIV Host and connect you to it as a player. When this process is complete, a window will appear welcoming you to the game and informing you of your Host IP Address.

  9. Important: As part of the Host setup process your game connects with the WEIV Name Server here at Viable Software. The name server saves your email address (unless it already has it) and your current IP address. This allows other users to connect to you using only your email address. They can also connect to you using your IP, but that usually changes each time you log onto the network, while your email address remains the same.

Posting Notice Of Your Game On The WEB:

In this "Welcome" window you also have the opportunity of posting your game on the WEIV Web Site so users of older versions of WEIV can see it. It will appear on the 'Current Conflicts' Web Page where other players can see it. If you haven't arranged for someone else to play in your game, you can post notice of it there and wait for others to connect to you and play. When you post notice of a game successfully, it appears on the WEIV World Wide Web Site IMMEDIATELY. After posting notice, click Okay or visit Headquarters.

Finding Other Players At 'Headquarters':

When you connect to Headquarters (actually the WEIV Server), your name will appear in the 'Game Hosts' box. Users listed in the 'Game Players' box can now click on your name and join your game. Headquarters is also a chat line...

Your Job As Host:

With your Headquarters Line open or closed, WEIV is now waiting for other players to connect to you.

  • As game host, you need to wait for other players to connect to you before you start the game. As they connect, you'll see their connection information displayed in the status text box. You can use the Hot Line Window to chat with them directly and pass the time until everyone is connected.

  • Important: If you start the game before other human players connect, their place in the game will automatically be taken by computer opponents.

  • When all players are connected, click on the button that says "START", and the game will begin. As Host, your turn will take place first. When you've finished your turn, click on the "Pass" Button.

  • When the game is finished (all the players have surrendered or been conquered) your Internet connection will continue until you click on the "Disconnect" Button. To start a new game you need to click on this button and disconnect first.

For more on Hosting once you are connected, see Host Access Control - Rankings.





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