Introduction To CyberWar

Game play in CyberWar Mode is much like normal game play. When a player is taking his or her turn, other players can watch that player's progress on the World Map Window, much like watching a computer player conquering in Local Mode.

To play in CyberWar Mode you must be connected to the Internet or your local Intranet, or you'll just get an error message! Since you are browsing the Web right now, you are currently connected... WEIV will run at the same time your browser, email client, or other Internet programs are running.

To enter CyberWar Mode, just click on the 'CyberWar' Button on WEIV's World Map Window:

If you haven't entered them already, you'll be prompted to enter a User Name, Password, and Email Address (or facsimile) so you can connect to the World Empire Name Server.

  1. Enter your name (This will be your General name in the game. It must be 4 to 12 characters).

  2. Enter a password (4 to 8 characters).

  3. Enter your email address. If you don't have an email address use a made-up one that will identify you. The address you make up must contain the "@" character and at least one period ".". For example, "" would be acceptable. If you do have an email address be sure and use it, so that other players can contact you through Internet email.

Just fill in the information and click "Continue".

The CyberWar Control Bar will appear at the bottom of the window. Two buttons, 'Connect To Host' and 'Host A Game' are now available:

When you play in CyberWar Mode, you have the option of being the game HOST or of connecting to another player who is acting as Host. To continue setting up for CyberWar, see Setting Up For Internet Play, Hosting A CyberWar Game and/or Connecting To A CyberWar Host.






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