The CyberWar Club Server v1.5

Are you even a little knowledgeable about Networks or the Internet?

If so, now you can manage your own World Empire CyberWar Club on your Network or the Internet with our new public release of the World Empire CyberWar Club Server. The server supports both World Empire IV and World Empire V CyberWar connections!

The CyberWar Club Server provides the means for players to connect to one another using names rather than IP addresses. You'll have your own Headquarters chat area and you can customize the server with your Club name. The Club Server includes:

  • A built-in Web Site that displays in any Web browser: Club Rankings, War Planner Game Scheduler, Current Conflicts, and Who's In Headquarters.

  • Full Access Control, for club games you can:

    1. Allow any player to connect.

    2. Allow only the players in your club to play.
    3. Ban unwanted players with the built-in IP address filter.

  • A 'Trusted Host' filter that will tell the Club Server to only accept game rankings from hosts that you specify.

All you need to do is start the Club Server and your Club is up and running.






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