CyberWar Clubs allow players to part-
icipate in Match Games with friends and
acquaintences. Using the CyberWar Club
Server, a Club has its own Headquarters,
Rankings, and Access Control.
There are two types of CyberWar Clubs:
Internet CyberWar Clubs: Any technically
oriented player with a little knowledge
of the Internet can easily set up an
Internet CyberWar Club. All that is needed
is a computer running Windows 95/98/ME
2000/XP or NT 4.0 that has its own Domain
Name or a static IP address such as a DSL
connection or cable modem. The World
Empire IV CyberWar Club Server takes
care of the rest.
Network CyberWar Clubs: To set up a Club
on a home, school, or business network
all you need to do is install and run the
World Empire CyberWar Club Server on one
of your network work stations. This will
allow anyone on the network to play or
host CyberWar games.
To find out more about the CyberWar Club 
Server, click here.





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